1 facial – 36 skincare solutions

Introducing the first customizable Super-Medi Facial in India

Step 1: Deep exfoliation – with magnetic pulse technology and a special exfoliating serum containing cellulose, sweet almond oil and vitamin A & E

Step 2: Mini AgeLess Signature Facial™ – Our signature client favourite facial with quicker smaller steps – including a clean-up and extraction, a relaxing massage and a Korean Skincare Rubber Facemask hand-picked for your skin type and concern.

Step 3: Technology Head + Unique capsule based on skin type and concern – Pick between advanced micro-current, Red LED Skincare technology & Blue LED Skincare technology and add a hand-picked serum capsule with patented innovative ingredients from all around world, for the ultimate customized facial selected by our skincare experts, only for you.

Call today and experience the latest advancement in skincare technology.


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