Mesolipo FAQ

Does it have Side effects?

Later, on the day of the treatment you will notice the treatment area will start to swell a little. This is good; this is a sign that the treatment is working. Some pinkness and puffiness indicates that the fat cells are breaking down and the body is working to whisk away the fat to the liver.

The day after the treatment the area will look a bit puffy like a local allergic reaction. Again, this tells you the treatment is working. The next day will be more comfortable, and a couple more days will see all these transient effects disappear. The fat reduction will start in the second and third weeks.

Aside from the effects mentioned above, and the occasional tiny bruise, normally no side effects are seen. That’s because PPC is a normal physiological substance found in abundance in the body.

Are there common long term side effects?

Long-term side effects are not common, given that the substance is a natural part of our bodies.

Will the fat stay away forever?

The cells killed are dead and gone after the treatment, but if you eat foolishly and don’t exercise you’ll put weight back on. Having said that, your shape will be better than it would have been had you not had the treatment.

Is it Painful?

A very thin needle is used to inject the medicated solution into the treated area. The sensation is like a pinch with a burning sensation. We fairly increase your comfort for this treatment with the help of numbing cream.

Who can Get Treated?

This treatment is not recommended for minors, pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, persons suffering an auto-immune disease, severe liver disease, anyone with severe obesity or anyone with acute or chronic infection.

How many Treatments are required?

A set of 3 to 6 treatments are advised for fat reduction process to complete. More treatments can be done if required for more reduction or to target larger volumes. It is a great alternative to liposuction for small areas.

Can Meso Lipo injections get Rid of Cellulite?

Yes, it works very well on cellulite.

What do I do now?

Ring us for a consultation. Remember procrastination is the thief of time, and so the thief or our lives. You’ve got nothing to lose but your fat.

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