Skin- Deep – 3rd November 2015 – HT Cafe

9 November 2015

This festive season, many people are opting for ‘medical facials’ to look their best. Dr Harshna Bijlani tells you all that you need to know about these procedures: 

Dr Harshna Bijlani, co-founder and medical head of The Ageless Clinic, feels you should be careful about who you approach for such treatments. She says, “Medi-facials, at times, involve the use of chemical peels (a process in which a chemical is used to peel off a layer of the skin, so that new skin can replace it). The facials can also use lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light), microdermabrasion, etc. So, it is important to go to a doctor’s clinic to get a medi-facial.” She adds that, in India, there are no qualifications required for therapists to conduct such procedures. “Most of them have been trained on the job. So, it is important to select a reputed clinic, as they will be stringent in the selection of their therapists, ” she says.


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