Sagging Skin Article – Bombay Times

8 August 2012


Skin tends to get loose for mainly two reasons: ageing and weight loss. Collagen is the protein in our skin that is responsible for keeping it elastic and smooth. As we age the rate of collagen production diminishes. “Luckily, today there are new and exciting options which do not require painful operation to ensure elasticity of skin,” says of Ageless Clinic’s London- trained Dr Harshna Bijlani, a cosmetic dermatologist who counts celebrities as her clients. The treatments she recommends are:

FTC (Fine Thread Contouring): ‘Instalift’ is an excellent non-surgical option with minimal pain, no downtime, no cuts or scars. FTC is the latest version of the ‘thread lift’. The older version uses surgical metal wires while FTC uses extremely fine bio-absorbable threads. Numbing cream is applied and the threads are inserted to achieve both instant tightening as well as stimulating collagen production. FTC can be done on the face and neck. Perhaps best of all the results are seen immediately! Dr Bijlani is one of the FTC pioneers in Mumbai and today has hundreds of happy clients.

Venus Freeze is the latest, most popular skin-tightening device in the world today. Hollywood celebrities Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé Knowles and Kim Kardashian are avid users. It’s completely safe, pain-free and US-FDA  approved. It works by stimulating collagen. Venus Freeze can be used on any body part. Besides age-related sagging, the device also has excellent results with tightening post-weight loss and pregnancy.

Dermal Fillers add volume and fullness to skin as it ages. They are used to reverse wrinkles and eliminate deep folds. They even enhance features like lips and cheekbones to create the look you want.


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