Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Before we tell you what are the options available for Painless Laser Hair Removal let us answer a few questions you may have regarding this.

Q. How do I know if I am a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Conventionally anyone with thick, dark, coarse hair is a great candidate for laser hair removal. However with the latest Painless technology even people with finer hair are suitable candidates. Laser hair removal is not effective on white/grey hair.

Q. I have heard about the Painless laser-how does it work?

A patented DualChill™ mechanism ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your treatment. PainFree, HairFree laser works on an IN-Motion™ principle-laser heat is given to a larger area that acts repeatedly on hair follicles without damaging the skin. The high efficacy and safety of this technology makes it an ideal choice for hair reduction on the body and face without the need for anaesthetic creams or cooling procedures.

Q. What body parts can be treated?

Any body part can be treated in both men and women. With our latest technology sensitive areas like bikini (entire), face, underarms can be treated safely and comfortably. With our full body option, you can be completely hairfree from head to toe!

Q. How long does one sitting take and what are the intervals?

Owing to the ‘IN-Motion’ technology, all treatments are quick and effective. Duration will depend on the body part. For example underarms are done in 10 minutes for both! Duration between each session is typically 4-6 weeks.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

Typically, 4 to 6 treatments is adequate to provide permanent hair reduction. However, after a one-on-one consultation, your provider may determine that based on the density of your hair, hair color and skin color, you may require additional treatment. Your provider will advise you. It’s not unusual to require a touch-up treatment two years after completing laser hair removal treatments.

Q. Do I need to arrange time off from work for treatments?

No. Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ has no “down time” and requires no recovery time. You can have a Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ treatment and return to work, school or other normal activities immediately.

Q. Will my hair ever grow back?

Actively growing hairs that are treated should not grow back. Once a hair follicle is damaged it cannot grow hair. However, hair follicles that were not in the active growth phase will need to be treated. It’s also not unusual for patients to have a touch-up two years after initial treatment due to hormonal changes.

Q. Is laser hair removal permanent and are there any side effects?

Most people achieve 85-90% permanent hair reduction. As we use an IN-Motion technology there are virtually no risks of burns or pigmentation seen with conventional lasers. Apart from using a high SPF you need to take no other post procedure precautions

Q. Is your machine truly painless?

Yes it is! Most people find Pain-Free-Hair-Free extremely comfortable. Clients describe the sensation as soothing as a “hot stone massage”.

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