Eyebrow Revival FAQ

Q. Since how many years are people getting this done in Mumbai?

‘Ageless Eyebrow Revival’ as a service is relatively new in Mumbai. The Ageless Clinic launched the service about a year ago. However, there are providers using the older ‘block technique’ who have been doing this for years. The ‘block technique’ is basically filling the entire eyebrow with a single block of colour. This looks very unnatural especially up-close. The ‘Ageless Eyebrow Revival’ treatment uses the latest 3-D feather-touch technique that has become popular across the world because of the life-like results.

Q. Is it similar to tattooing / permanent makeup?

Tatoo ink is designed to be used on the body not the face. Also the black colour of normal tattoo ink tends to become a bit blue over a period of time which looks very unnatural. Another issue is that tattoo ink is permanent and as we move with times and fashions we may want to have a different look which is difficult with tattooing.

For the Ageless Brow Revival treatment we use only the worlds finest semi-permanent micro-pigments from BioTouchTM USA. All of the ingredients are US FDA approved which provides us a great deal of comfort regarding their safety.

Q. Who are eligible to get it done?

This treatment is excellent for anyone who has thinning eyebrows, which happens with age, medications, hormonal issues, hereditary and numerous other causes.

The treatment can also be used by anyone who wants to correct the shape of their eyebrows. For example someone with drooping eyebrows can benefit a lot by getting the shape corrected.

Q. How much time does it take?

The treatment takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Q. Does it require many sittings/ sessions?

A single session is all that is required although we do recommend a free touch-up within the 1st month. The results should last for about 1 year depending on various lifestyle factors.

Q. Is it painful?

The treatment is not painful. We apply a topical local anesthetic 30 minutes prior to the treatment to ensure comfort.

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