Q. What are the dos and don’ts one must keep in mind…

Do not try to tint your eyelashes at home or in a parlour that uses normal hair dye. Normal hair dye is not meant to be used so close to the eye – incorrect use can cause permanent eye damage.

For the Ageless Eyelash Tinting treatment we use specially formulated imported eyelash tints that are safe and effective.

Q. Who can get this done? Any specific age?

This procedure is available to anyone who wants to have beautiful luscious flirty lashes. It is especially popular with brides and others attending a function soon.

Q. How long does this procedure take?

The total procedure takes about an hour. It is totally painless and comfortable.

Q. Approximate cost?

Ageless Eyelash Tinting starts from only Rs 800 onwards.

Call us today, this simple cost effective treatment will add so much to your look.

In this treatment, your own eyelashes are enhanced – no stick on fake eyelashes.


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