Causes for Dark Circles

How and why your body creates dark under-eye circles

Most people think that dark circles are caused by staying up late watching monster movies, or having that last drink the night before, or sitting up with your laptop trying to finish the quarterly report. Most people think that their behaviour is somehow linked to dark circles. While this may have some effect on your dark circles, this is  not the only reason for your dark circles. There are certain internal and external factors too that may cause dark circles. Some examples of these are:

Fatigue or inadequate rest

Well, it’s not directly related to dark under eye circles. But being tired generally makes your skin paler. And pale skin makes dark circles look darker, and also allows the dark pigmentation to be seen more easily.


As you get older, the skin around your eyes can become even thinner. Dark under eye circles are likely to become more and more pronounced as you age.

Pregnancy and/or menstruation

Frequently, your skin becomes pale during pregnancy and menstruation. So the dark circles look darker and are more easily seen.

Inadequate nutrition

If you’re not eating a balanced and healthy diet, a lack of key nutrients can cause dark under eye circles.


Another thing that can cause dark circles beneath the eyes is something known as periorbital hyperpigmentation, which is basically a condition that results in more melanin being produced by the skin below the eyes, resulting in it appearing to be a darker color.

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