Alma Q

Pigmentation often causes low self-esteem or just general dissatisfaction very often. When you know you’re looking great but that birth mark or those age spots are spoiling your look, why not do something about it.

You may be thinking that you religiously use your sunscreen and stay out of the sun, so then why do you have pigmentation. Pigmentation is not only caused by the sun, it may also be caused due to vascular components. There are various kinds of pigmentations that are caused by vascular components namely; Rosacea, Melasma, Port-wine Stains and Salmon Patch to name a few.

We are the 1st Clinic in India to introduce the Alma Q™ – The only Q:switched Laser that works not only only Hyperpigmentation but also on Vascular Pigmentation.

How is it different from other lasers?

The Alma Q™ has 2 wavelenghts and 3 modes of operation allowing it to penetrate different layers of your skin. It is the only Q:switched laser that operates are 3 different levels:

– For the superficial imperfections such as open pores, line lines, etc.
– For deeper pigmentations like freckeles, age spots, tanning, etc.
– For vascular legions such as melasma, rosacea, salmon patches, etc.

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