Ageless Hair Camouflage

Unfortunately for most people at some time our hair starts thinning which makes us look much older than our actual age. Some people do not respond well to other hair re-growth treatments, so we are happy to bring you a semi-permanent non-surgical hair solution.

Our doctors have trained from leading experts in Los Angeles to bring you Ageless Hair Camouflage™. The treatment uses micropigmentation to give the appearance of natural looking hair. It is an excellent solution to cover thinning patches. Hair Camouflage is a very popular treat in the West, we are very pleased to bring this treatment to you in India.


Sometimes one side of your head has finer hair than the other, when you set your hair in the same fashion for years your hair starts thinning from that particular parting, you may be losing hair due to stress or certain medications. All these problem have one semi-permanent solution – Ageless Hair Camouflage. Get the look you’ve always wanted without surgery or extensions, with the best tried and tested products.


A lot of men start losing hair very soon due to heredity, stress, medications, etc. Going for hair transplant is a big decision involving a lot of technical and financial factors, in particular if you have lost more than a palm sized amount of hair a transplant is usually not going to give you great results. Ageless Hair Camouflage lets you look younger without the need of wigs, toupees, hair systems or surgery. It gives the appearance of very fine hair which looks like a buzz cut.

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